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Tuesday 03/31/15 09:53pm
Site updates

I have done some minor updates, mainly updating the portfolio and resume pages to reflect my recent endeavours. Also cleaned up the portfolio page a bit.

Monday 01/12/15 12:22pm
New Project Started

I have recently begun work on a new project, Scholar Swap. While not completed yet, you can now go to the site and look at what I currently have, and even add yourself to the mailing list to be contacted when it is ready for use! The site is to give school communities a place to buy, sell, and  trade items. Be sure to give it a look!

Saturday 01/03/15 01:17pm
Collatzer Updated

Collatzer has just been updated to Version 1.1; See the changelog for a list of changes.

Sunday 12/14/14 11:23pm
Site Upgrade Complete

I have now brought the beta version of the site into the main site, bringing with it all the upgrades I have been working on. Some of the most notable upgrades include:

  • new projects
  • skills section
  • PHP Integration
  • RSS feed
  • Styling updates
  • Better Mobile Compatibility
  • A dyslexic- friendly font toggle function
  • Certain promised services:
    • News Archive
    • Page statistics

Be Sure to take a look around!

Wednesday 09/10/14 12:11am
Internet Slowdown!

As a small website owner, I would be pressured and forced into paying more for slightly better access to my own site. If you value the free and open internet, please take a moment to take action here:


Greg Stewart's portrait About Me:

I am currently working on my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and IT at Juniata College in Huntingdon, PA. In past semesters is have been employed as student web developer by the college. Currently I am a tutor for the Computer Science Department. I am also occasionally employed by Wholesale Diamond Consultants in Frederick, Maryland, for tech and machine work.

On my free time, I enjoy tinkering with code and electronics, as well as playing guitar. I have earned the Eagle scout rank, and enjoy the outdoors immensely.

My personal motto is: Always try to do a good job, and getting it done well is a top priority.